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Service Portfolio


Our portfolio includes the following services:

Project Management / Technical Project Management

It's our pleasure to assume responsibility in managing your projects.

In addition, we can boost your existing projects' success by assisting your project management as technical project managers or implementation leaders.

As good team players, we will enrich your project.

All tasks concerning system architecture, configuration, and system administration will be executed accurately, employing state-of-the-art knowledge and tools.

Our clear and repeatable work flow templates ensure the successful implementation of your systems. Naturally, we can implement all nessecary scripts and tools in most programming languages.

The ITIL certification helps us in comprehending the processes of all parties involved in your project. The intelligent synchronization of existing processes is one of our strengths. We will make your project run smoothly.

Project Examples

We offer comprehensive services for the following system configurations. From planning and installation, to configuration, testing and validation, to administration and development of operational procedures, we will cover all phases of your project.

  • high availability systems, mission critical systems
  • UNIX server cluster
  • SAN / NAS storage area networks: planning, extension, support
  • ILM (Information Lifecycle Management): planning and implementation
  • data backup and restoration: conceptual design, configuration, validation

UNIX operating system - our core skill

Years of experience in large-scale UNIX installations enable us to offer you security and confidence. The increasing complexity of IT infrastructure today makes it virtually impossible for one person to fully grasp every detail. Hence, extensive knowledge and expertise is of high value and in high demand. We know exactly which kind of help is needed and who can assist us if a major problem should arise. Some malfunctions can be corrected quickly, using on-board tools and traditional methods. Others need to be communicated and professionally passed on to your suppliers. In either case, we know exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Modifications to the running system using planned features like cluster components or disk mirrors. Down-time will be reduced to a minimum.
  • operating system: updates, upgrades, release management
  • disaster recovery: conceptual design, implementation, testing
  • fail-over configurations: conceptual design, implementation, testing
  • incident management: analysis, escalation, solution
  • performance management: analysis, proposals and ideas, solution

Consulting / Advise

We offer qualified support in the following fields:

  • system analysis
  • process definition (ITIL)
  • incident mangement ( including 2nd / 3rd Level Support)
  • problem mangement
  • change mangement
  • release management (including rollout strategies)
  • configuration management
  • service level management
  • availability management
  • IT service continuity management

Special Skills:

A focused view of the technical details does not always suffice to fully comprehend complex project situations.

A focused view of the technical details does not always suffice to fully comprehend complex project situations.

Therefor, modern instruments and procedures are required. We deliver the methodology to keep your projects under optimum control:

  • Special Applications on WEB basis (Xamp, Apache, mySQL, PHP, etc)
  • Management Information Systems for Project Control
  • Trend Following Systems (Turtle Trading, Technical Indicators, etc.)