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Implementation of Hardening Measures for the central Infrastructure

09/2007 - 10/2008

For ca 140 central server systems of a Frankfurt banking house, the implementation of hardening measures was planned and managed.

The systems were hardened against unauthorized use and any kind of unwanted access. The highest security level possible was implemented on the systems.

To provide for coordination and cooperation between principal and agent, interacting processes on either side needed analysis and adequate coordination. For this purpose, we developed a tool to depict the complete workflow (ca 20.000 unique actions) and allow both for detailed planning and informative reporting.



Customer: EDS Operations Services GmbH
  Bankhaus Sal. Oppenheim
Hardware: Sun (diverse)
  IBM (diverse)
Operating Systems: Solaris 10, Solaris 9, Solaris 8
  AIX 5.3, AIX 5.2
Software: ePCM (CA Computer Associates)
  Opsware SAS, Opsware ATE, Netscan, Retina Scan
Tools: Lamp, Xamp, Apache, mySQL, php

Operating System Updates on Central UNIX Servers

05/2007 - 03/2008

Ca 120 servers of the central infrastructure of a Frankfurt banking house needed to be updated to the latest OS standards.

The implementation needed to be executed without interfering with the production.

Thus, the extensive development of failproof fall-back scenarios and desaster-recovery procedures was a core task of this project.


Customer: EDS Operations Services GmbH
  Bankhaus Sal. Oppenheim
Hardware: Sun (diverse)
  IBM (diverse)
Operating Systems: Solaris 10, Solaris 9, Solaris 8
Software: Sun TLP Cluster, Solaris Live Upgrade, eigene Methoden

Trend Following System for Trading Applications

2006 - today

Project management of the design and implementation of a trend following / trading system for stock market trading.
Design and deployment of an automated regression backtesting methodology using historical stock market data


Customer: International Group of Investors
Hardware: Linux and Solaris LAMP / XAMP Server
Software: Apache, PHP, Perl, gnuplot, awk, others

SAN Extension of a Banking Data Center

2005 - 2006

Planning and execution of a reconfiguration process of a Storage Area Network consisting out of two data centers of two allied Banks. Implementation of additional cluster systems. Documentation and visualization of the reconfigured SAN network.


Customer: Sun Microsystems
Hardware: Sun Solaris Server Clusters,
  Sun Storage Units 6130, QLogic 5200
Software: Solaris, Networker and more

Central Systems of the Telecommunication Industry

2004 - 2005

Implementation of OS updates and software upgrades (RSU - Rolling Software Upgrades) on large-scale infrastructure servers of the telecommunication industry. Special focus on central cluster systems for mobile phone infrastructure.

Special tasks: OS and software upgrades on running systems without service interruptions.


Customer: SIEMENS Intelligent Networks
  MTS Moscow, SBF Yemen, BSNL Hyderabad,Trichy,Lucknow,Delhi
  MLP Pakistan, SPC India, CLM Colombia, TCC Taiwan, JBV Norway
  Tele2 Sveden, Tele2 Riga, Maxis Malaysia, DTM, JBV Oslo u.v.a.m
Hardware: FUJITSU SIEMENS FSC PrimeCluster
  Sun Microsystems Cluster, FSC SS80
Software: Solaris, Oracle RAC , Veritas, Networker and more

Development of a NAS Storage System


Development of prototype control software for a mass storage system for a hardware manufacturer.
Development and execution of regression tests and benchmarks.


Customer: SwiftData Ltd., United Kingdom
Hardware: diverse Prototypen, Sun-Server, IBM u.a.
Software: Software: Linux (SuSE,Redhat u.a.), Solaris, AIX
  Lamp / Xamp, PHP, Perl u.a.

SAN Relocation and Extension


Design and implementation of concepts for an outsourcing project of an international bank.
Migration and consolidation of a server farm including the setup of a co-location data center.
Responsible for the SAN servers and components and the re-implementation of the backup concepts.


Customer: IBM Deutschland GmbH
Hardware: diverse SUN, HP, IBM, and more.
  MTI Vivant, Storagetek Tape Roboter, more.
Software: Veritas, Legato, TSM (ADSM), Tivoli, Oracle, much more
  Lamp / Xamp, PHP, Perl, more

SAN Projects with EMC . 2000-2001

2000 - 2001

Initial operation, configuration and support for various SAN istallations and cluster systems with EMC mass storage.
Development of concepts and programs to control and diagnose operating procedures in connection to EMC systems.
Development of operatioal procedures for BCV technology in SAP environments.


Customer: EMC Deutschland GmbH
  Vodafone Deutschland GmbH
  T-Systems, UBS Frankfurt, others.
Hardware: Sun E10K Cluster, HP Superdome Cluster, more.
  EMC Symmetrix, EMC Connectrix, EMC Clariion
Software: VERITAS Cluster, EMC TimeFinder, EMC SRDF
  PowerPath, GeoSpan, more

Setup of a SAN Server Cluster

1998 - 2000

Launch and configuration of a highly available server system for a network of ca 450 client systems.
Conceptual design and realization of concepts and tools for failsafe operation.


Customer: VEBA Oil & Gas GmbH, Essen
Hardware: Sun Server, Sun Workstation, Silicon Graphics, others
  MTI Raid-Systeme, Breece Hill Tape Library, more
Software: Solaris, Legato Networker, Oracle, more

various internet projects

1995 - today

Conceptual design and launch of various internet data centers, focus on firewalls, intranet, extranet.
Development of a method to transmit multimedia streams - audio and video - via the internet using EUTELSAT satellites with transmission rates of then 8 Mbit/s!
The solution was presented at the IFA 1997 in Berlin

Customer: diverse
Hardware: Sun, HP, IBM, x86, Realaudio, Cisco
  diverse RAID-Arrays, OEM-JBODs, diverse Router
Software: Solaris, Linux, TCL/TK, C, Lamp, u.v.a.m

Banking: Mission Critical Server System Projects

1993 - 1997

Projects involving mission critical server systems for the trade of derivatives. Construction of a redundant and - later - highly avaiblable infrastructure for production.

Conceptual design and launch of a computer network for derivative business, execution and administration, especially in back office

Construction of a global network (Frankfurt/ London/ Sidney/ Paris/ New York) supporting international foreign exchange trade (global book).


Customer: Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt / Main
Hardware: grosse IBM Server, OEM-Komponenten
  Sun Server und Workstations, Tektronix Terminals
  diverse RAID-Arrays, OEM-JBODs, diverse Routers
Software: DEVON, SunGuard, TCL/TK, ADSM
  MUREX, Solaris, AIX, TeX, much more

Supervision of Strategic Projects and Strategic Products

1986 - 1992

Work as a member of the USSG (Unix System Support Group).

Support for many projects both locally and internationally. By 1992, more than 300 UNIX systems had already and successfully been installed.


Customer: ICL Deutschland GmbH
Hardware: CCI Power 6/32, Motorola VME-Bus Systeme, diverse ICL.
Software: UNIX SysV, BSD 4.2, Ingres, Informix
  practically all available UNIX systems at that time.

UNIX System Test Division, Bell Labs

1984 - 1985

At this point, Bell Labs were determined to make UNIX System V a market standard. The Summit, NJ test laboratory was responsible for making exhaustive functional tests of the latest version of UNIX System V on all relevant hardware platforms.


Customer: AT&T Bell Laboratories UNIX System Test Division,
  Summit, New Jersey
Hardware: AT&T 3Bx, DEC VAX, DEC PDP, Sun, Motorola, etc, etc
Software: UNIX SysV, BSD 4.x, diverse

Telecommunication Project: Saudi Telex


The central infrastructure of the saudi-arabic Telex network was rebuilt. The system consisted of a central IBM host, several UNIX systems, a few DEC systems and ca 3000 bilingual Telex machines.


Customer: Ministry of Post, Telephone and Telecommunications
  Saudi Telex, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hardware: Hardware: DEC PDP11, IBM /370
Software: UNIX, RSTS/E, diverse

Apprenticeship and Years of Travel

1978 - 1982

Development of application software for manufacturing companies, especially for window factories.
Development and implementation of program systems for CAM and commercial tasks for well-known small and medium-sized businesses of the industry inbetween 1978 and 1982.
Today, these developments still form the basis of a successful software package for the industry.

Customer: diverse
Hardware: WANG 2200 incl. Plotter und Graphic-Display, AS/400, diverse
Software: Pascal, Basic, Cobol, Fortran,C, PL/1, RPG3, more